Friday 3rd August 2012 - Married for 2456 days

Wedding Party Profiles

Kirsten Townley - Chief Bridesmaid:
Kirsten has been a dear friend of Danielle's since school, and they share a (sarcastic) love for Mick Hucknall and a genuine love for shoes. They became firm friends in college, swapping classes for driving around in her car with loud music on. Kirsten joined Danielle and her parents on what was a very entertaining holiday to France to see Danielle's original 'fiance' and meet Kirsten's "pompier"! Kirsten has a beautiful and clever two year old called Joel with partner Dean. She has been a great accomplice over the years.

Claire Little - Bridesmaid:
Claire and Danielle met at university, and lived together for a few years. They bonded over music, cheese and food for the "party". Claire has been instrumental in Danielle's sanity over the years, always there to listen and offer advice. Claire Bear truly is a treasured friend. The MC Lars super-fan lives in Wakefield and loves working with children as she gets to do crafts all day! Claire also makes a lot of cakes, so if you have a sweet tooth, she's the one to befriend.

Rachel Gibson - Bridesmaid:
Rachel and Danielle also met at university and lived together for a year, telling flat mates, "she'll do anything for a packet of bourbons, that one." They became friends over cocktails and soon made plans to open a weasel sanctuary/entertainment business, which unfortunately is still in the initial stages of development. Rachel provides much of the laughter for Danielle and has the ability to make anything light-hearted. She is a brilliant friend. Who else would stay up all night making cup-a-soups and watching trashy TV when someone gets locked out of their apartment?

Danielle Lloyd - Bridesmaid:
"The Danielles" met in May when they both started working together at the school, and quickly became firm friends, calling themselves Danielle No.1 and Danielle 0.5 ( as Danielle No.2 was not an option for Miss Lloyd!) After a few messy nights out, they have become close friends, and partners in crime. Apart from sharing the same name, their partners are both called Mark, and it can confusing from time to time. Danielle 0.5 is incredibly kind, funny and generous, and even though they are relatively new friends, she is an extremely cherished friend of No.1.

Craig Johnson - Best Man:
Mark first met Craig when they both played for Bramhall Hockey Club a few years ago. Mark's first impression of Craig was of a happy go lucky guy and they have a good friendly bond. Mark spent many an evening with Craig and his other close friends eating pizza and playing computer games. They also became fitness partners and had many an evening down in the old Kitts Moss gym. Mark went on holiday with Craig and had a lot of laughs and banter, there are many pictures to re-live the memories. Craig has always been a close friend and always one to have a good laugh with.

Lee Newton - Usher:
Mark became friends with Lee when they both worked at Bramhall Tesco. Marks first impression of Lee was that he was a bit of a lad but enjoyed a laugh. Through the years they have grown up together in the working world and have shared their knowledge and experiences together. Many an evening has either been spent together talking and laughing about their work or with their closest friends. Mark always remembers his time working with Lee as a fun experience and one that will never be forgotten.

Chris Macdonald - Usher:
Mark also found Chris working in Bramhall Tesco. Chris was always considered the funny man but also was very down to earth. Mark spent many an evening at Chris's place of residence staying up late watching films and talking about life and work. Chris has always had a good ear, and they have shared a lot over the last couple of years. Mark and Chris have always had a similar sense of humour, and the countless hours of reciting Tenacious D songs will be stuck in their heads forever.

Peter Johnson - Usher:
Peter is Danielle's oldest friend, and has now become one of Mark's good friends. He and Danielle met at high school and have been there for each other through the tough times, and for the poker nights! Always kind, always listening, always sarcastic. He is the best friend a girl could wish for. Well he must be as he's stuck by her even through her 'gothic' phase! He also has a dog named Teddy, who is now Toastie's mentor in doggy etiquette and life.