Friday 3rd August 2012 - Married for 2508 days

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Not much longer! - 29/04/12 - 5:28pm

Hi everyone!

It was exactly a year ago today that Mark popped the question, so we thought we would do a quick update on our wedding blog!

We have everything planned now, pretty much down to the last detail.  We have finally decided on a florist and have booked Wild Orchid Florists who we met at a wedding fayre at the venue itself.  The mothers have bought their outfits so that is a relief! 

Thank you very much to those who have RSVP'd and left us little messages too.

Only the vows to be written now!  

See you in just over 3 months!!

Danielle and Mark x


163 days and counting! - 22/02/12 - 6:14pm


Well it's just over 5 months until the big day and things are getting very exciting now! A few little bits to plan and one more thing to book, and lots of outfits to try on!

We have booked our honeymoon to Las Vegas and Hawaii and we can't wait!  Aloha!  Totes excited.

So the RSVPs are rolling in too, but if you haven't yet replied then please do as soon as possible, either online or via post.  Thank you!

Ok, that is all for now.

We will keep you all posted!

Danielle and Mark x

Belated update! - 14/01/12 - 11:58pm

It's been a while since our last blog so I think I'd better update you all on the progress we have made in the last 4 months!

Pretty much all the big stuff is done now, except for flowers which are stressing me out a little, but Mother is investigating a potential as I write.  Today's very exciting news is...the invitations are ready and waiting to be sent out!  They look gorgeous and I can't wait for everyone to get them now because our wedsite address is on there so you can all actually read what we have written! 

Ooh.  Also, the beautiful Bridesmaids are coming over next weekend from far, far away to go and get measured for their dresses, exciting!  Oh and everyone should watch the film "Bridesmaids" as it is absolutely hilarious.

So please feel free to go to the have your say section and give us some feedback etc.  Don't forget also to check the accomodation page and the lift sharing page too!

Ok confetti,

Danielle and Mark x


Welcome! - 18/09/11 - 10:52pm

Welcome to our wedding blog!

So I know it's only september at the moment but I've just created this "wedsite" lol see what I've done there?  Anyway, I'm getting super excited about the wedding just writing about it so I thought I'd let everyone know where we're up to with our plans, as everyone keeps asking me so I think I'll just direct them all here!

We have the venue booked for 3rd August 2012, we also have the photographer and the catering sorted so we can all eat something yummy.  Oh and, those of you who love hog roasts, thank Mark as that's what we're having in the evening!

And someone has a dress.

Ok, that's all for now.  Byeeee!

Danielle and Mark x


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