Friday 3rd August 2012 - Married for 2482 days

About Us


MarkMark was born at St. Mary's Hospital, Manchester on 4 Dec. 1985 after a 22 hour labour! He came into the world with lots of curly black hair and big blue eyes and was instantly adored.

He never liked going to bed. Quite amusing when I think that I'm sure he would gladly stay in that beddy for hours now and catch up on some sleep after those long shifts at Tesco's. He was so determined to come into bed with his Dad and me, that he would make himself sick crying. I had him at play school five mornings a week as soon as he was old enough in an effort to tire him out so he would want to go to bed. He never really slept until he went to school.

Mark was always keen on sport and playing. His first teacher said to me that he was always the first one out at playtime and the last one back and that considering how little he wanted to be there, it was amazing that he did as well as he did. He made some firm friends at Hursthead, one of the four mutant ninja hero turtles gang along with Andrew D-C he would practice his kicking techniques on me.

He was never into academia, but would always do well in the various sports he tried. His greatest passion in sport is his hockey and he has made many good friends now through the teams he has played for.

Mark wasn't always so confident with the opposite sex. On a family holiday in France when he was 12, he was very content to play football with one of the local kids, until he discovered that it was a girl and she was after him! He spent one morning hiding in a cupboard from her as he was so frightened of her advances!

Mark was always very loving and I know that once he started going out with Danielle he was truly happy. I hope they will work very hard to always keep each other as happy in the years ahead.

I wish them both every happiness in the world. Mumsy Verity x


DanielleDanielle, like Mark, was born in St Mary's Hospital Manchester on 25th April 1986. This was her paternal Grandad's 71st birthday. She was 23 days late and took 16 hours to arrive! She weighed 9lbs and had dark hair and, to our surprise, blue eyes. Her hair went ash blond when she was a toddler, then back to brown after a couple of years. Unlike Mark, she was always a good sleeper and still finds it hard to get up!

Danielle has always loved dogs and after Bounty our springer died, Danielle grew up with Toupi, our lovely toy poodle for over 15 years. We now have our bichon frise, Radley and Danielle and Mark have their own cute little Toastie to love.

As she was growing up Danielle loved dressing up and acting out interminable plays with her friend Sara, amongst others. Some of these performances have been preserved on family videos for future generations to enjoy! Danielle also enjoyed performing with her theatre group at various theatres and also at school. She was a chick in 'Oklahoma!' for her first appearance on stage and was a Munchkin several times!

As both of us were French teachers, it is not surprising that Danielle spent a lot of time there and eventually did A Level French. When she was a baby we jokingly pretended she was engaged to the baby son of our friends in France! Luckily she has chosen her own lovely fiance now!

Danielle loved books when she was little and enjoyed school. She made us very proud when she graduated in Law in 2008. She decided not to pursue a career in law and, luckily for both her and Mark, went to work for Tesco on their graduate scheme. Although she doesn't work for them anymore, she has certainly gained a fantastic 'bonus' in Mark, a real Tesco's Finest! We both wish them a long and happy future together and send them all our love always.

Mum and Dad xxx

How we met...

For those of you who don't know, here is the story of how we met from the Bride's point of view.
Mark and I both worked at the same store back when we were both working at Tesco, and I think it is safe to say we didn't really hit it off straight away! The very first time we had a conversation, he told me he thought I looked 27, then after me politely informing him I was actually 24 he said, and I quote, "Wow, I was actually going to say 30." Nice.
So after that, I wasn't exactly taken by the Dignam charm!
Anyway, we worked together for a month or so, then he left and moved to a different store. I kind of missed him a little bit. So one night, I was out for a few drinks with some of the girls and we saw Mark's friend (future usher) Lee, and I had the great idea of texting Mark to see if he wanted to come out for a drink. He was working late but obviously rushed back to come and meet us and do a bit of flirting, which clearly worked very well for him! We talked and laughed all night and found we had quite a bit in common and the same sense of humour. I started not to see him as the "work" Mark who called me old, but as the sweet, funny and gorgeous Mark who made me really happy. We pretty much spent all our time together after that, a whirlwind romance!
Since then, we have been pretty much inseparable and that text was the best thing I ever managed to do after several glasses of pinot!

Now from the Grooms point of view.
As Danielle mentioned previously it started with me stepping on egg shells after my comment, oops. Well I knew that Danielle was a very attractive young lady and I had to try and make it up to her, so when I received a text from her to come and meet for a drink I was happy to oblige. Luckily I had Lee and Chris my future ushers to help me "woo" Danielle, or as we called it, my wingmen who were there to keep her friends occupied so that I could talk to Danielle.
We hit it off as soon as we started talking, daring each other to do silly things while we were out. I asked Danielle to go and be the DJ for one song and Danielle asked me to hug a large lady from behind in what could only be described as wearing a polar bears uniform.
After plenty of wine and lots of laughs I knew that I had made up for my previous comment at work and really started to fall for Danielle. It didn't help that just a couple of days later I was flying out to Tenerife with Lee and Chris, but as they say distance made the heart grow fonder and by the time I was back I went straight to Danielle's house and we flew into each others arms. Since then we have been inseperable and have deeply fallen in love with each other.

Are you serious?!

The future Mr. and Mrs. Dignam were on holiday at Verity's villa in Tenerife and had just got in from a nice meal and a few drinks in the town. It was the day of the royal wedding, April 29th, and romance was in the air! Whilst Danielle was sitting on the balcony waiting for Mark to come up and join her, Mark was pacing around, trying to compose himself downstairs and finding her Granny's ring to use as a temporary engagement ring. As he made his way to Danielle, he wanted it to be romantic so he put on a bit of Alicia Keys to set the mood! He told Danielle she might want to sit down for this, so she sat and he knelt. He told her he loved her more than anything else in the world and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Awww. Her response? "Are you serious?!" Not because she didn't immediately want to say yes and give him a big hug, but because she couldn't quite believe he had taken all her hints!
After finally saying yes to Mark's proposal, Danielle then spent the next twenty minutes crying her eyes out in hysterics on the phone to her parents. But of course Mark had been the perfect gentleman and already asked Glyn's permission, and upon telling Pam of the proposal she replied, "Oh, we thought we'd have to pay you!".